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The Conference starts on Monday the 18th with the check-in of participants at the reception desk, in the hall at the top of Amphithéâtre 8, between 8h00 and 8H50. Follows a formal opening and the first invited lecture. The Conference will end on Friday the 22th in the evening.

Monday 18th

8h-8h50 Check-in
9h-9h15 Opening
9h15-10h15 P. Indyk (MIT) The sublinear world of data stream algorithms.

10h15-10h45 Pause

10h45-11h15 O. Gandouet (Montpellier) LogLog counting to estimate IP traffic.
11h15-11h45 J. Bourdon (Nantes) Statistical properties of similarity score functions.
11h45-12h Pause
12h-12h30 O. Mallet (Paris) An extension to overpartitions of Rogers-Ramanujan identities for even moduli.

12h30 Lunch

14h30-15h30 W. Woess (Graz) Lamplighter random walks on trees.

15h30-16h Pause

16h-16h30 F. Bassino (Marne-la-Vallée) Accessible and deterministic automata: enumeration and Boltzmann samplers.
16h30-17h Z. Kostrzycka (Opole) On the density of truth in modal logic.

17h15 Reception à l'Institut Élie Cartan

Tuesday 19th

9h-10h M. Drmota (Vienna) Concentration properties of extremal parameters in random discrete structures.

10h-10h30 Pause

10h30-11h M. Lladser (Colorado) Mixed powers of generating functions.
11h-11h30 B. Durhuus (Copenhaguen) On the spectral dimension of random trees.
11h30-11h45 Pause
11h45-12h15 A. Kasraoui (Lyon) Euler-Mahonian statistics on ordered partitions.
12h15-12h45 F. Ruskey (Victoria) Complete k-ary trees and generalized meta-Fibonacci sequences.

12h45 Lunch

14h45-15h45 J. Wästlund (Linköping) Combinatorial optimization in the mean field model.

15h45-16h15 Pause

16h15 Poster session

19h Banquet à la Maison Carrée.

Wednesday 20th

9h-10h L.Viennot (INRIA) Some algorithmic aspects of peer-to-peer.

10h-10h30 Pause

10h30-11h T. Nakata (Fukuoka) A coupon collector's problem with bonuses.
11h-11h30 H. Mohamed (Rocquencourt) A probabilistic analysis of a leader election algorithm.
11h30-11h45 Pause
11h45-12h15 N. Broutin (Montréal) The diameter of the minimum spanning tree of a complete graph.
12h15-12h45 E. Belaga (Strasbourg) Walking Cautiously Into the Collatz Wilderness: Algorithmically, Number Theoretically, Randomly.

12h45 Lunch

14h-18h Visit of Nancy 1900

Thursday 21th

9h-10h G. Miermont (Orsay) An invariance principle for random planar maps.

10h-10h30 Pause

10h30-11h C. Brennan (Johannesburg) The first ascent of size d or more in compositions.
11h-11h30 E. Cesaratto (Caen) On the non-randomness of modular arithmetic progressions: a solution to a problem by V. I. Arnold.
11h30-11h45 Pause
11h45-12h15 F. Hivert (Rouen) & J.-C. Novelli (Marne-la-Vallée) Multivariate generalizations of the Foata-Schützenberger equidistribution.
12h15-12h45 S. Wagner (Graz) On the number of decomposable trees.

12h45 Lunch

14h45-15h45 G. Schaeffer (École Polytechnique) Maps on a surface of genus g.

15h45-16h15 Pause

16h15-16h45 M. Archibald (Johannesburg) Average depth in a binary search tree with repeated keys.
16h45-17h15 M. Kuba (Wien) Analysis of label-based parameters in increasing trees.

Friday 22th

9h-9h30 A. Gnedin (Utrecht) Constrained exchangeable partitions.
9h30-10h X. Provençal (Montréal) Around the root of random multidimensional quadtrees.
10h-10h30h B. Gittenberger (Wien) Analytic combinatorics of lattice paths: enumeration and asymptotics for the average area.

10h30-11h Pause

11h-11h30 B. Ycart (Grenoble) S-constrained random matrices.
11h30-12h H. Prodinger (Stellenbosch) Analysis of a new skip list variant.
12h-12h30 E. Dyakonova (Moscow) Survival probability of a critical multi-type branching process in random environment.

12h30 Lunch

14h-15h P. Flajolet (INRIA) Some exactly solvable models of urn process theory.

15h-15h15 End of the Conference