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How to go to the conference

The conference takes place in Amphithéâtre 8 on the campus of the Faculté des Sciences of the Université Henri Poincaré, located in Vandoeuvre.

- To go to the campus of the Faculté des Sciences from downtown, for instance from the station, take the T1 tramway, for example at the Nancy Gare stop, in the direction Vandoeuvre CHU Brabois (departures every 6-7 minutes). Tickets can be bought at every Tram station (~ 1 Euro).

- Stop at station Callot.

- Then follow the green points, on the map of the campus, to Amphithéâtre 8 (A8 or Amphi 8).

- On a more detailed map, you can see two access to Amphi 8, the first one more direct, but with stairs, in the upper right corner, the second less direct but without stairs, in the left lower corner.